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We manufacture and supply a variety of Human Hair Products ranging from Hair Extension systems, to Hand Tied Volumizers and Wigs.


We are a "Fair Trade" minded company and we only source healthy and freshly cut Raw Remy Cuticle Hair. Our hair has not been long term stored, bought from other suppliers or taken from unknown collectors or unethical sources. Because of our 50+ years experience in sourcing quality Remy Cuticle Hair, we source our hair independently.


High Quality


Our design and enginering departments  have High levels of Quality Control for all the designs we produce. We produce all of our products in our own factories in different countries.

Hair Types and Products


We have five main Hair Types. Remy Cuticle Hair, Premium Remy Hair, Cuticle Human Hair, Remy Cuticle Hair P70 and Paramahair. We have the different Hair Types available in almost all of our products and all depends on your favorite type of hair. Interesting new kid on the block is ParamaHair the latest high tech replacement for Human Hair. See the full range...

Model perfectress with 145 Connection Hair Extensions

Made by Hairdressers for Hairdressers


We develope and refine our products with the help of our worldwide educators and Hairdressers network. Hairdressers know what they want because they know the needs of their clientèle best.

By keeping very close contact with "the floor" we can create user friendly products that outperforms everything out there.

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